Why AutoAssure?

AutoAssure offers supplemental or extended service contracts for your car, truck or SUV. We are an independent nationwide company marketing vehicle service contracts on behalf of industry leading administrators and insured by A.M. Best A-rated insurance companies.

Most expensive auto repairs

See what your car repairs could cost you without a vehicle service contract from AutoAssure.

  • Hybrid Inverter Assembly


  • Transmission and Torque Converter


  • Transmission Assembly & Reprogram the ECM


  • Transfer Case Shift Motor


Keep your car and your finances humming along

Why should you pay for expensive covered auto repairs when your service plan from AutoAssure will pay them for you? Choose from a variety of personalized, extended car service plans from our highly rated contract providers—and stop paying for covered repair bills, once and for all.

Save thousands on covered car repairs

A single breakdown can really hurt your wallet. But with AutoAssure, it doesn't have to. Did you know the average cost to replace an engine is $3,938? However, a policy that covers the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and cooling can be purchased for less than that. That's including the deductible.*

*Example based on a 2006 Honda Accord with 72,000 miles at policy inception with a 4/60 comprehensive policy and a $50 deductible.

Consider the typical cost for these repairs:

  • Onboard Computer


  • Fuel Injection System


  • Suspension System


Sometime down the road, your car will need repairs like these—and that's where AutoAssure comes in. Our extended vehicle service plans kick in after the original factory warranty ends. If your vehicle breaks down under normal use following the expiration of your manufacturer's warranty, you can breathe easy knowing you have a coverage plan made specifically for your car.

Work with your favorite mechanic or dealership

Other car service plans may force you to work with one of their “preferred” mechanics. At AutoAssure, we think you should decide who you want to fix your car. You can you choose any ASE-certified auto shop for covered repairs, and they will be paid directly. So you can keep your favorite mechanic or dealership— and keep more money in your wallet.

Get yours today

Insurance keeps you safe in case of theft or accidents, yet it doesn’t pay for mechanical breakdowns. Combining the benefits of collision insurance with an AutoAssure plan gives you peace of mind on the road. Enjoy the extra security against breakdowns and the cost that accompanies them with a money-saving protection plan from AutoAssure!

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