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About AutoAssure

  • Who is AutoAssure?

    AutoAssure is a company offering supplemental or extended service contracts for your car, truck, or SUV. We are an independent nationwide company marketing vehicle service contracts on behalf of industry-leading administrators and insured by A.M. Best, A rated insurance companies.

  • What makes AutoAssure better than other companies?

    What sets AutoAssure apart from other top tier providers is our approach to helping you select a plan that best fits your needs. Our contract specialists are here to help you find the right plan based on length of coverage, level of coverage, deductible, price, and payment options. Working with only the highest-rated administrators and insurance companies, AutoAssure provides customers with the education necessary to protect themselves against expensive and unexpected covered repair costs.

  • How do I contact AutoAssure?

    Please call one of our contract specialists toll free at 1-800-211-0988.

Service Contracts

  • How is a vehicle service contract different than vehicle insurance?

    Auto insurance typically covers damage caused to your vehicle by an accident, theft, fire, and other natural disasters. Vehicle service plans are in place to repair the covered mechanical failures of your vehicle if they breakdown under normal use, after the initial manufacturer's warranty has expired.

  • How is a service contract different than the warranty from a dealer?

    Warranties from the dealer are given by the manufacturer at the same time the vehicle is purchased. That coverage will eventually expire leaving you open to unexpected covered repair costs. Vehicle service contracts pick up after the original factory warranty expires. Although not a warranty, the service contract provides continued protection against mechanical failures.

  • Why do I need it?

    With the technology being used in today's vehicles, it has become more challenging even for the most experienced mechanics to fix vehicles. Even the smallest of repairs now need expensive diagnostic tools, in-depth technical training, and high-tech equipment only found in specialized repair facilities.

  • How do I choose the right service contract?

    Choosing the right vehicle service contract has a lot to do with the year, make and model of your particular vehicle. Our contract specialists are here to help you determine the best coverage available that will not only fit your driving needs, but your budget as well.

  • Is my vehicle service contract transferable?

    Absolutely, all plans from AutoAssure are fully transferrable. Should you choose to sell your vehicle, you can use this as a selling point. Protect your car now and add value later.

  • Can I put more than one vehicle on the same service contract?

    No. All Vehicle Service Contracts are based on current conditions of your vehicle, including year, make, model, and current working conditions. We then create a customized plan that best fits you and your driving habits. Some may qualify for discounts for multiple vehicles; please contact one of our contract specialists today!

  • Can I cancel?

    All of our vehicle service contracts are cancellable at any time. You have a “free look” period for the first 30 days after we receive your down payment. If you cancel prior to the end of the “free look” period, your down payment will be returned to you. After the “free look” period, you can cancel at any time by submitting a notarized cancellation form. After receipt of the fully completed form, your contract will be cancelled and you may be eligible for a pro-rata refund. If we do not receive the cancellation form or payment prior to your next payment due date, you will be automatically cancelled for non-payment and may not be entitled to a pro-rata refund. Please see your contract for full details.

  • What kind of payment plans does AutoAssure offer?

    AutoAssure offers a multitude of "No Fee" payment options to make covering your vehicle affordable.

  • What am I responsible for?

    You must continue to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.


  • What happens when I need covered repairs?

    Our administrators have developed a fast and effortless claims process. Simply have your dealership or ASE-certified repair facility contact the claims center to report the claim prior to repair. The claims representative will walk the service center through the steps to expedite direct payment.

  • Where can I take my car?

    Our plans are honored nationwide. You can take your car to the automobile dealership or any repair facility that has ASE-certified mechanics, regardless of where you break down. Depending on the coverage you choose, the administrator will pay a maximum hourly rate for labor or the average hourly labor rate for your zip code area. Make sure you read your service contract for full terms and conditions.

  • Deductible?

    Our plans come standard with either a $0 / $50 / $100 deductible. Regardless of how many items need to be repaired, you will only pay 1 deductible per covered repair.

  • How do you make sure your suppliers are trustworthy?

    AutoAssure only works with the highest-rated suppliers. They all have high ratings with the BBB and are also backed by A-rated insurance companies. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to treat our customers fairly and with complete honesty and we expect our suppliers to do the same.

  • How do you keep customers satisfied?

    AutoAssure has a highly trained customer support staff with extensive automobile and service-related experience to help you with all your needs. We take our commitment to quality customer service very seriously and are here to fully support you.

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